Broad Leaf Weed Killer

broadleaf weed killerThey look harmless, and they even have species that bear flower but these are still weeds that should not rule over your lawn. This category is called Broad leaf, a genus of weeds that oftentimes have flat and wide leaves but some of their kinds grow in clusters like the Wild garlic. Mosses also belong to this group but their mode of growth is like carpet laid on the soil.

One tricky characteristic of broad leaves weeds is their hideous size where they cannot be noticeable until they have already built a platoon on the yard. It is most likely to happen when soil patches are left open in between turf. Dichondra, Ground Ivy, White Clover, and Woodsorrel has small leaves that blend very well with most plants or grass.

If your lawn is crowded by these weeds, it does not mean that the soil is healthy and fertile. In fact, they are indications of irregularities like low nitrogen production. Common knotweeds, Plantains, Dandelion, and Creeping Woodsorrel are symptoms that soil is compacted or there is infestation along the area where they are propagating. Overwatered soil also encourages them. In a situation where regular maintenance seem not enough to control their vegetation, looking for a fitting broad leaf weed killer method can be your next step.

Collective Control

Broad leaf weeds usually enjoy a cool and moist weather. They have been grouped into annual or perennial in as far as their life cycle is observed. By annual it means that they can last for one season but they return the next year if they were able to leave a good seed. Some are perennial for being stubbornly present in all four seasons and they could survive many years if their habitat is undisturbed.

As they normally grow in flock, using broad leaf killer may affect plants and grass close to it. If you need to use herbicides on full grown batches then it will be best to look for selective solution. They contain elements that do not harm other plants but are effective broad leaf weed killer. Ortho Weed B Gon Max Killer is a low cost spray which is known to be effective even as a dandelion weed killer another popular choice is Preen weed killer that guarantees user of not causing burnt effect on the lawn. If you think you can handle creating your own mix of weed spray, try the combination of liquid soap and vinegar as an alternative.

Though it is convenient to buy and use spray formula to stop broad leaf from spreading, this solution is accompanied by possible damages to the surrounding. Every type of soil has its level of tolerance towards chemical contact. It might be able to recuperate but with continuous usage of any solution, your lawn might end up a barren land. Even non organic mixtures which contain vinegar or salt are not hundred percent gentle to the soil and other vegetations.

As you already know that broad leaf weeds appear due to some unhealthy conditions of the soil, you might as well give additional time to boost up the soil strength. Simple means like giving enough water to your plants and grass or regular cultivation to avoid compacted soil, are basic gardening maintenance that gives long time benefit.

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