Homemade Weed Killer – Recipes for Safe and Effective Natural Weed Killers

If you have a big weed problem in your garden, then you might be contemplating buying some weed killers to sort it out. Although this has been the usual course of action for people, there are actually ways you can approach the problem at a cheaper angle. In fact, everything you need to kill weeds in your garden can be found right there at the comfort of your kitchen. That being said, following are some of the known homemade weed killer that could just be as effective as the commercial type.


Some recipes require vinegar to be diluted with water while others require that vinegar be sprayed at its purest form. Regardless of what you choose, the trick is to spray the vinegar when there is little chance of raining. This is so that acidic nature of the vinegar won’t be further diluted by the rain. The vinegar you’ll find in your house would be about five percent acidic and would do well with newly sprouting weeds. However, for the bigger ones, I suggest that you go for a stronger vinegar, preferable nine percent acidic or more. For those who want to add water to the mixture, one tablespoon per gallon would work just fine.


One homemade weed killer that is very effective is salt. In fact, when used at large portions, it could affect even surrounding soils in a negative way. Hence, using this material is usually done if you don’t want any plant growth at all. For example, you could spray it on the pathway or the drive way to make sure that that soil stays as weed free as possible. It could be added with water, approximately one pound of salt per gallon or just pure salt spread over the ground.


The best soap type for this purpose is a liquid dish detergent and not the one you use for showers. The amount of soap must be about twenty percent of the mixture to make it work. Since soap is an oil derivative and oil can kill plants, it can be a pretty effective weed killer.


Of course, when the mentioned ingredients are mixed together, you’ll find yourself a very strong and effective weed killer. All by themselves, soap, vinegar and salt are pretty good but there are those who prefer to combine all three. Here’s the recipe for this homemade weed killer:

1 quart of household vinegar

2 teaspoons liquid dish detergent

¼ cup of salt

Get these three together and spray over the weeds. For best results, make sure that the weather is pretty dry so no rain would come forth and ruin your weed killing spree.


Keep in mind that as effective as they are, homemade weed killers are capable of killing plants as well so be careful where you spray. At the same time, only use the amount that would kill the weeds but not damage the soil permanently. This is especially true if you have plans of growing plants on that particular patch of soil.

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