Pet Friendly Weed Killer

One of the top concerns when it comes to weed killers is their effect on the things they come in contact with. Taking into account that the material is basically designed to kill, there are chances that it can harm other living things as well.

Usually, the concern only extends to other plants. After all, they occupy the same soil and would therefore absorb the same chemicals and ingredients that would ultimately kill the weed. However, others take the concern further and think about its effects on animals. Hence, the emergence of some per friendly weed killer out in the market today.

Choosing Pet Friendly Weed Killer

There are various brands today that would take care of the weeds without harming your dog or cat who loves to frolic around the garden. When choosing a product, there is basically one very important rule to follow: check with your vet. Since your ultimate aim is to keep the pets safe, then ask the opinion of the person who is good at it. There are actually lists of weed killer products that are approved by vets so this is your best bet. You might also want to check out the ingredients and watch out for names like carbon tetrachloride, chloroform or chloroethane. Weed killers that are approved by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) are also likely candidates for pet friendly products.

Be sure to follow the instructions stated on these products to at least increase the safety measures.

Natural Pet Friendly Week Killer

Of course, you can always go the natural route in order to stay safe. Most gardeners actually prefer this method simply because it’s cheaper and a hundred percent sure. Some natural weed killers that are also pet friendly include vinegar and salt. Since the two are usually ingested, the risks are marginally smaller compared to ones that are specifically created for the task. Also, liquid dishwasher soap is also a homemade option although it may be able to affect your pets in the long run. Sugar and boiling water have also been listed as a pet friendly weed killer if you are looking for more options.

Usually, these natural weed killers are applied on the leaves of the plant in order to kill them. If the weeds are particularly strong, then several sprays may be necessary.

Another option is the fabric that is spread over the soil and blocks the weeds from growing. Since it doesn’t involve chemicals, the whole set up is completely pet friendly. However, the problem would be if the pet inflicts damage on the fabric itself rather than vice versa.

When it comes right down to it, pets are regarded as one of the family, making their safety a top concern for most people. Hence, it is important to take them into consideration whenever one tries to change an important aspect of life. At the same time, keep in mind that fertilizers themselves can be harmful to animals so these things must also thought of carefully.

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