Safe and Non Toxic Weed Killers for your Yard

One of the biggest concerns when it comes to weed killers is the idea that it could be “poisoning” the soil. This is because of the products are chemically treated, therefore harming the environment one way or another. This is one of the reasons why non toxic weed killers have been gaining in popularity. Unlike the commercial ones, they are natural and are frequently used in domestic purposes.

homemadeweedkiller Vinegar is very acidic, capable of killing weeds and any other plants that might cross its path. It’s actually very effective, the stronger the vinegar, the better. Most people only find around five percent vinegars at home but if you want something better, then a nine percent brew should do it. When it comes to length of effectiveness, vinegar is pretty powerful and can allay weed growth for a few weeks or so.

corngluten Corn Gluten. A pre-emergent weed killer or one that kills weed seeds, the Corn Gluten is a by product of corn. It has only been recently used as a weed killer, previously being distributed as food for farm animals. The great thing about this one is that it doubles as a nitrogen fertilizer, thereby furthering the quality of your plants. Of course, the product will not kill any weeds that are already in existence but it is a good control measure.

Boiling Water

This one is pretty simple, with boiling water capable of damaging even the skin, how can it not damage weeds? The liquid should be poured over the plants, ultimately killing it. However, the method does not last as long as the vinegar option.


Although it may not bode well for soft drink companies, soda is actually a powerful weed killer. Its sticky not to mention an even more expensive alternative for commercial weed killers, but it definitely does the job perfectly. One or two weeks after pouring the soda, weeds turn up dead.

Dish Soap

Mixed properly with water, dish soap can be a very strong option as a weed killer. The mixture should be about twenty percent dish soap and eighty percent water for this to work well.

Commercial Non Toxic Weed Killers

Of course, some people have commented that there are some weed killers that non-toxic or do not produce the same amount of damage to the environment when compared with other brands. Although this might be true, the level of chemicals used in the product still translates to a degree of risk that can negatively affect other things.

Lastly, the most effective non toxic weed killer is by simply doing the whole thing by hand. It might take time and would demand lots of work, but at the end, it should be worth it.

When it comes right down to it, there really isn’t a non toxic weed killer simply because of the fact that it is a killer. Its main goal is to get rid of weeds, thus it makes sense that each one would be toxic at one level. Even vinegar when used improperly could produce unwanted results.

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3 Responses to Safe and Non Toxic Weed Killers for your Yard

  • D. Buzbee says:

    I am looking for a non-toxic weed killer for my yard. I have 5 acres to spray! So pulling by hand is not an option. I have a broad-leaf weed that has become very invasive and is killing areas of grass. I don’t really want to spray toxic chemicals on the yard because I have young children, pets, garden and keep bees.
    Any suggestions for a herbicide that I can use with a tractor sprayer that will target the broadlead weeds and not the grass?
    Thanks for any advice.

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  • admin says:

    try amazon, they have tons of great products for these purposes

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