Top 3 Best Bermuda Grass Killer

bermuda grass killerHaving uncalled for bermuda grass growing on your lawn can ruin the aesthetic value of the property. No doubt, it ruins the uniformity of your garden and when left untouched – they can spread and become even harder to control. Luckily, there are several methods that can be used to kill bermuda grass.


The use of herbicide is the most common way of addressing the issue and also the least likely to damage other plants. Since herbicides are often created to address only specific weeds, it is OK to apply them on lawns where the bermuda is growing all over the soil. Some of the most popular brands used for this include Orto and Monterey grass killers – both of which have gotten good reviews in online stores.

Make sure to read the labels thoroughly to find out the application method and amount. Bermuda grass can be very hardy and may need multiple applications in the course of a month. Other herbicides might be too strong and can damage healthy plants in your garden. When applying them, it’s usually best to place  sheet over the desirable plants and then start spraying.

Natural Methods

Preventing the growth of bermuda is one of the best ways to naturally controlling the problem. There are currently commercial preventers available in the market today such as Scotts prevented. If you don’t want to buy something over the counter however, hot water will do just as well. It can kill all plant types so be careful with the application process. Hot water is best used if you’ve got a concentrated area of bermuda that you want killed.

For those who don’t mind a little exercise for their yard, manually removing the bermuda is also a good idea. Note though that uprooting the plant will not prevent it from growing the next season. Hence, it’s best to apply a preventer before they emerge again by February or May, depending on where you live. Some of the best tools used include a weed twister, a hoe and some small spades.


If you want something quick and environmentally safe, the best solution would be homemade bermuda grass killers. The most common type is vinegar which is poured directly on the grass, depriving it of water. In as little as 24 hours, this will turn the bermuda brown and eventually kill them. Note though that vinegar affects all plants so it’s best to use them only on a concentrated area. Corn gluten is also another effective method that is applied to the soil before bermuda even emerges.

Choosing a bermuda grass killer would depend entirely on your current situation. For example, you might have a pet or children playing in the yard, making it crucial for you to find something that wouldn’t harm them. If the bermuda is deeply entrenched with the plants you want to preserve, a selective herbicide might be the best solution. Knowing the germination period and growth timeline of bermuda grass within your area should also help.

Reference: A Study of Bermuda Grass

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