Weed Killer for Dandelion

Dandelion is a perennial plant that has sunny bright flowers but you would not want it to be growing in your yard. It is a kind of weed that can spread fast in your garden especially during spring time. It is a deeply rooted plant that its name actually comes from the old French word Dent-de-lion which means lion tooth.

Another interesting fact about dandelion is that herbalists actually consider them valuable for culinary and medicinal uses. They are used as ingredients for cooking and they are rich sources of vitamins, potassium and minerals. However, for us gardeners, we consider them as pesky weeds and we just want to get rid of them.

Here are some inexpensive tips and ideas to get rid of dandelion in your garden, some of them can even be found just right in the comforts of your own home.

Natural and Homemade Weed Killers for Dandelions

weed killer for dandelionVinegar is one of the best weed killers that is non-toxic and environment friendly. You do not have to worry about it harming your kids or your pets. However, you should take note that vinegar is non-selective, meaning it will kill anything it comes with contact with. This makes the vinegar also not advisable to use for dandelions that are growing in your lawn at it will harm the grass. Apply it directly on the dandelions making sure that you do not spray it on the nearby desirable plants.

Liquid detergent is another great solution. Mix one part liquid detergent with 10 parts water. Soak the dandelions with this solution and expect great results. Again, this mix is non-selective so do not use it on your lawns. Boiling water would hurt anyone it comes in contact with. You can cook the dandelions to death just by pouring boiling water onto it straight from your kettle. Lemon is another alternative which contains acid that can act against dandelions. You can use pure lemon juice or you can combine it with vinegar for more effectiveness.

Practicing defensive weed control is also another key for a dandelion free-garden. Maintain a healthy and thick lawn so they would not dominate the area. Make sure that you fertilize your lawn regularly to achieve this. Deep watering done once or twice per week is more advisable rather than shallow watering everyday. Setting your mow to a high setting is another trick that is important to remember.
When your grass is taller, it will shade the dandelions, thereby preventing it from getting enough sunlight that they need. You will have a totally tall, dense grass turf dominating your lawn and aiding in the destruction of baby seedlings from dandelions.

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