Top 4 Best Weed Killer For Brambles And Ivy UK in 2023

Want to know the best weed killer for bramble and ivy UK? Then you are in the right place. Check out 4 weed killers for bramble and ivy in this article.

In life, you have to pass something no matter what you do, or you do nothing. Even if you do all steps to make your land more fertile, the weeds will surely grow and the brambles too.

Even though you clean your land and correctly prepare your ground for cultivation, there comes an ivy or brambles to your land as an uninvited guest.

More similar weeds that cause a problem in your garden are suckers and seedlings that grow from trees and shrubs. Which means something will grow on your land.

What are bramble and ivy?

Bramble is nothing but a woody weed if they have started to establish. 

It is difficult to eradicate them once they have begun to show. 

Mostly brambles grow in a neglected area of the garden. 

Not only bramble, 

there is another common woody weed ivy that develops not only over the ground but also through buildings, plants, and fences.

But by using the strongest bramble killer, it is possible to kill those strong brambles and ivy.

Below we have mentioned the strongest bramble killers and how to get rid of brambles in a hedge; 

everything explained in the detailed version. 

Want to know the best weed killer for bramble and ivy uk?. 

Now, let’s go.

The best bramble weed killer and best ivy weed killer are,

List of Best Weed Killer for Bramble and ivy in UK

Vital 2x SBK 4 L RTU Tough weed killer

1. Vital 2x SBK 4 L RTU Tough weed killer – Best weed Killer for Brambles

The SBK weedkiller is a particular type of weedkiller. SBK was established in the Garden products market for about 50 years in service.

SBK, as a company, always provide first-class products with first-class service.

It kills dock, woody weeds, brambles, nettles, hardwood saplings, and tree stumps in the grass. And it also kills other neglected non-crop areas where it does not kill the grass. 4 Litres treats up to 100m2.

A power trigger is used as a high coverage per spray. One of the active ingredients they have added to this product is a Triclopyr; it contains a concentrated soluble solution of about 48g/l as triethylammonium salt, which is useful on woody plants.

Its also used for brush control. After every application, it needs a break of at least six weeks for replanting. The most essential product is considered an irritant, so care should be taken

Its also used for brush control. After every application, it needs a break of at least six weeks for replanting. The most essential product is considered an irritant, so care should be taken during the application.

Always read the label carefully before the application—this is essential to use any product to avoid small accidents. This product is available in 125ml,250ml. 500ml, 1 litre, and a 750ml ready to use spray.


It is more effective against broadleaf weeds and particularly creeping charlie. It kills weeds, not grass.

The best month for application

The SBK weed killer is best to apply from May to October because the weeds grow actively, and the soil will remain moist.

Whereas Till June to august is the application time for woody weeds.

And for tree stumps, the best time for treatment is between autumn or winter.

Avoid April, May, and June while the sap is rising.


Kills till root to prevent regrowth.

Easy to use and apply.

Toughest weedkiller.

Liquid formula.


Will not kill the grass.

Selective formula weedkiller.

SBK has become the household name for the effective control of woody weeds, unwanted tree stumps, and tough weeds.

And it is imported from the UK. It has a liquid formula that is very easy to use worth buying this weedkiller.

Products are always received with first-class service with first-class products.

Vitax 6 x Packs SBK 1 L Tough weedkiller

2. Vitax 6 x Packs SBK 1 L Tough weed killer

SBK is the toughest weedkiller suited for woody weeds, brambles, nettles, dock, tree stumps in the grass, hardwood saplings, and other neglected non-crop areas.

It is also effective on broadleaf weeds and creeping charlie. SBK kills weeds but not grass. After the application, it reacts till the roots, where the roots attacked first, so no regrowth occurs. While spraying, do not breathe.

1L of Vitax6 treats up to 332m2(400 sq yds). And it contains a soluble concentrate formulation containing 48g/l of triclopyr as triethylammonium salt.

Which is useful on woody plants and for brush control in the wooded regions’ defoliation. Most importantly, keep off from the sun.Vitax SBK is imported from the UK. It has a liquid formula, which is easy to use.

This product is classed as an irritant, so care should be taken during the treatment. T

his Vitax 6 is available in 125ml, 250ml, 500ml, 1-liter liquid, and a 750ml of ready spray. Due to its easy use formula, customers love this product, and it gives excellent results as expected.


It is more effective against woody weeds, nettles, brambles, tree stumps in the grass, hardwood saplings, and other neglected non- crop areas. And it is also effective on broadleaf weeds and creeping charlie.

Allow at least six weeks between treatment and replanting it needs time to get evaporated. And thus, care to be taken during the treatment.

The best month for application

The best month for applying this product is between May to October due to weeds’ active growth during that season.

And for woody weeds, the best season is from June to August. For Tree stumps, the best time for treatment is autumn or winter.

Thus avoid Some of a month like April, May, and June due to sap rising.


The application is easy.

Kills till root to prevent growth.

It’s a weedkiller for hardwood saplings and tree stumps.

Easy use liquid formula


Wash off splashes immediately, or else it starts to irritate.

SBK, as a manufacturer, surprises their customer by first-class product and first-class service.

Too much worth of money very easy to use formulation makes the customer use this product repeatedly whenever the weeds rise.

Job done tough weedkiller

3. Job done tough weed killer – Best weed Killer for Ivy

This product works excellent on tree stumps and deep-rooted weeds. If you are worried about deep-rooted weeds, here comes a perfect solution for all your problems within just three drops.

This product contains a solution in the form of sachets. Three sachets of this product treat up to 75 sqm.

It Effectively kills ivy, Japanese knotweed, brambles, and nettles. And also tree stumps and deep roots. Most importantly, immediate replanting is done with this product.

In most of the weed killers, they would have mentioned a timeline for replanting, but for this product, there is no time bar for replanting; this is an excellent feature in this product.

After the application effect is seen on some weeds within a few days, it takes almost four weeks to show the result. So wait and watch the final output; don’t get worried immediately.

Once the weeds die, they decompose in the soil naturally. The area treated can be replanted immediately or sown with seeds.It’s a kind of formidable systemic weed killer that kills all deep-rooted weeds all over your garden and woody plants, including brambles and brushwood.

While using a weed killer, you need not want to measure simply drop & go!


Thus the useful application is when weeds are actively growing, avoid the application during windy conditions.

More importantly, do not use it during rainy days; if rain is expected to come, please avoid the application. After the application, rain should not be there for 6 hours.

The best month for application

Job done weed killer applied between November and March immediately after falling. But the best time for the application is autumn and winter.


Immediate replanting is done.

Kills tree stumps and deep roots.

A tough systemic weedkiller.

Kills ivy, Japanese knotweed, brambles and nettles.

Drop & go feature.


Please do not apply to cultivated areas unless you want to kill them.

Hey, if you have a problem with tree stumps and deep-rooted weeds, try out job done tough tree stump weed killer!!

Which works great, and it breaks chemical compounds naturally in the soil where replanting is done immediately.

RHS 2 x 5L Ready to use weedkiller

4. RHS 2 x 5L Ready to use weedkiller

RHS weedkiller is a glyphosate free weedkiller in the market. Glyphosate, which is unhealthy for plants. So in this product, they have avoided using glyphosate.

Instead, they have used an advanced bio-degradable formula containing 60g/l of acetic acid, which controls annual and perennial weeds.

It quickly reacts with microorganisms in the soil and gets degraded very easily; thus, it also helps in the hygenic growth. Therefore after the application result is visible within 24 hours.

RHS is best for annual and perennial weeds and kills more easily. A maximum of up to 6 applications per year is advisable.And thus, RHS is ready to use weedkiller to be used all year round; there is no specific season to use; it is effective in all seasons.

And it is imported from the UK. For your safety, wear gloves while treating your weeds, although this is not necessary for this product.


RHS is a Non-selective weedkiller, and a moss killer is active against the soft tissue of weeds that come in contact.

When the spray is applied evenly by covering the foliage, weeds are controlled.

Seven days must be observed between the application. Don’t expect results so soon. Roots of weeds killed, but re-treatment is necessary for this product to keep down the perennial weeds.

The best result is achieved when weeds are less than 10cm high.

The best month for application

RHS is useful all year round. There is no particular season for its effective use; all seasons are considered for its practical use.

And glyphosate free formula, which boosts plants to grow healthier. Ideally, spray in spring and try to repeat the application if necessary over the growing season.


Result within 24 hours.

Advance biodegradable formula.

Glyphosate free formula.

Effective all year round.

Non-selective weedkiller


Re-treatment needed.

They are used only as an amateur weedkiller.

RHS weedkiller has ready to use formula contained weed killer which kills annual and perennial weeds.

It has an advanced formula of biodegradable, which ultimately gets dissolved in soil by microorganisms. 

Thus, the result is visible within 24 hours after the application, worth its money.

Frequently asked question

How deep do brambles roots go?

Generally, brambles go 45cm deep into the soil, and it also regenerate from rooted fragments. Mainly production is by seed, rooting of stem apices where it may develop on the lateral root.

Can you put brambles in compost?

After clearing out brambles, if roots remain in the soil, it starts to sprout from below, so when you try to remove brambles, make sure you have cleared the crown, which is the head of those brambles. Still, I would not recommend you to compost; instead, we prefer it to add in the “Council” green waste bin.

What kills ivy permanently?

Ivy is killed permanently by the strongest weedkiller. You only have to choose one of the best weed killers from the above content and get the result you expect. Trying out home remedies may take too much time, so don’t waste time on it. Instead, choose from the above weedkillers.

How do you control ivy growth?

Ivy growth is controlled by applying glyphosate-containing weedkillers to use when it has 2 to 4 new leaves. Retreat when you needed only six weeks later if you see any regrowth. Ivy becomes less and less susceptible when you use glyphosate contained weedkillers.

Will a weedkiller kills bramble?

Suppose you want to plant in an area where there is no grass after you’ve killed the brambles. Use glyphosate-based weed killers; it kills your brambles and, at the same time, stops them from growing back. Whatever weedkiller you use to your weeds before using, you still have to pull out or dig out your bramble bush


No life without difficulties, and No garden without weeds. Bramble clearing tools can be used to kill those brambles.

Still, the problem with those tools is that the price will be high when compared to weedkiller.

The main disadvantage is that you need to spend your time with those tools to operate.

It consumes lots of time and energy whereas in weedkillers. It saves lots of time, energy and savings.

So without any doubt, you can blindly go for a weedkiller, which never makes you disappointed in anyways. At first, you may doubt which weedkiller to buy and how to use for your weeds, but now I hope all of your doubts got cleared by our above guide.

I hope you people liked it. Only liking our writing is not essential; try to buy the product; we hope we have covered all topics based on those particular weedkillers.

Buy weed killers and get rid of brambles and ivy:) Everything gets better when you think better!!!

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